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Discover Magick Magazine

Discover Magick


June 2014 Edition

Magic!  The name itself says it all.

Or does it actually?

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 + Want to Visit a Fairy?
 + How to attract faeries into your garden
 + Catching a Leprechaun
 + Undines – Their Tragic Story
 + Faeries & Elves
 + Will o The Wisp
 + Make Faerie Dust
 + Magic of Crystals

You never seem to know what people mean when they talk about magic, because there seems to be several kinds of it.

It could be that they mean magic tricks and the whole entertainment industry behind them. There is actually nothing magical about them – just clever illusions, fast hand movements, and – yes – plain and simple tricks.

Then there is the old perception of magic as being dark and evil, with witches brewing nasty poisonous concoctions in big cast iron cauldrons. With bats flying around and a black cat hissing nearby. Oh – I forgot. Add a spider web or two into the picture.

We often talk of a “magic moment” when we had a good time, we ask someone to “weave their magic” when we need help from them, we use the word “magic” as a compliment about anything well done. Wow! That that’s magic!

Would you like to find out and learn about the real – REAL Magic?  It’s sometimes called “Magick”, which is a very old word, but it is often used to distance the real Magic from those magic tricks.

And so the “Discover Magick” magazine was born in collaboration with, and several distinguished contributors.

As the editor of this exciting new magazine, I personally invite you to enter the world of real Magick, which is neither dark or nasty, nor is it silly and composed of clever tricks. On the pages of this magazine you will find that the old Magick is still alive in our technological world. That it has a lot to say about the world we live in today.

Because Magic has been here from the beginning, it has survived thousands of years of ridicule and persecution, only to be re-discovered when so many religious and political ideologies have failed to give us answers to the questions we need answered.

So, welcome to our world!  Go ahead!  Discover Magick !