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Magic Spells

Witchcraft Books

August 21, 2009

Image via Wikipedia There are not too many witchcraft books that are worth the paper they are printed on. Some are written purely for profit by people who never even met a real witch.  So check out the author, and their background, before you purchase a witchcraft book with the intention of casting  magic spells […]

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Candle Magic Spell

July 9, 2009

There are candles, and then there are candles.  You can perform candle magic with any cheap candle, even the cheap ones in the bulk buy containers, that sell by the packet of a dozen or more, – but of course, as with everything else, if you want a great result, you should have the best […]

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Magic Spells Improve Your Life

June 5, 2009

Magic Spells will change your life. If you want to change your circumstances quickly the use of magic will improve your life no end. If you have seen the DVD or read the book The Secret, you will have seen examples of ancient magic being discovered and used in a modern way. Focusing the mind, […]

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