Love Spell

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Love Spell

When you cast a Love Spell you need to concentrate on how you want to feel when that Magic Spell succeeds. When you are casting a Love Spell you want to capture the warmth and feeling of contentment that comes from having a special person in your life. You want to focus on all the good things that sharing your life with another brings. A Love Spell is not something that can be used to bind another person to you. The goal of a Love Spell is to attract the right person to you or to help a certain person see you in a different light.

Using herbs for Love Spells is common practice. Herbs stimulate the brain and through a chemical reaction increase hormone production. The use of essential oils is one way of casting a Love Spell. Certain smells will induce a chemical reaction between two people and help induce a good feeling between them. Some herbs used for Love Spells are ginger, damiana, ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, rose and violets. Burning essential oils and scented candles has long been a favourite when setting the scene for a Love Spell.

Perfumes are also very effective used in conjunction with Love Spells. Those in particular that contain a blend of botanical essential oils are very useful. Bergamot, cinnamon, clove, lavender, yarrow, chamomile and white pepper are very effective for inducing the initial attraction.
Love Potions can added to food and drink, they are made out of edible ingredients and are harmless unless the person is open to their influence. Any types of foods with aphrodisiac properties like oysters can be used. Vervain, lavender, vanilla bean and sea salt are all used in Love Potions.

You will need an actual Love Spell to chant while creating any part of your magic, be it a potion, a food item or a scent. Burning a pink candle while creating your Love Spell is also a good idea. Pink is the color of love, red is the color of passion. When creating Love Spells visualise yourself with the person you want as your life partner. Always bury the remains of any candles used in Magic Spells in the garden or make sure they burn away completely.

A Spell Always Works Better For You If It Is Cast By You!

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