Acolyte, Master or Sorcerer level

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Acolyte, Master or Sorcerer level  – which spell to choose?

Which one is right for you?

Then there are also the in-betweens, like Advanced Acolyte and Advanced Master spells – so which is the best one for your situation?

The first thing you will notice – of course, is that the higher level spells are always more expensive. That should be no surprise.

But there is of course much more to it than money.

Acolyte level spells are quick, easy to do with minimum of preparation and some very basic equipment and materials.  A complete novice will have no problem casting them even if it is their first foray into Magic or spell casting.

Take for instance a “Business venture success” spell, which in Acolyte form requires nothing more than a candle of a specific color, incense and an incense burner, small brass bell and a green felt-tipped pen. Time-wise perhaps twenty minutes to cast.

The same spell in Advanced Master level will require you to source some specific equipment and materials, and a fair bit of preparation. If you don’t have any prior spell casting experience, you will have to practice casting a Magic circle couple of times at least, before you try to cast the spell itself. You might also be given a low level spell to practice on, before you attempt the Master or Advanced Master level. So unless you already have some magic equipment and have been involved in spells and rituals before, count on a week of on-and-off running around and preparations.

The better the quality of your equipment and Magic substances, the better the chance of a successful spell outcome. Read the articles on the blog to learn about importance and the role of tools and ingredients.  (Actually – read ALL of the articles you find there, and you will learn a great deal about Magic in general.) Prior experience in magic rituals and spell casting is of course also very important.

Yes, you can attempt to cast a high level spell even if you never cast any spells before. It will not do any harm to you, or to the subject matter. It just might not work very well, or not at all, unless you do a lot of prior learning, preparation and practicing.

You can’t cast a Sorcerer level spell using dried out herbs you bought from 7/11, like you used for the Acolyte level.  You will need fresh herbs, preferably organically grown.  You might need a genuine quill or dip-in type of pen and a Dragon Blood magic ink (obtainable from magic supply stores), where for the Acolyte level of the same spell, you used a red or green felt-tipped pen.

For a court appearance relating to a traffic offense such as speeding or red light jumping, an Acolyte level spell is probably what you need. Even as a wizard of great experience, that’s what I would cast myself. (OK, I would of course use my trusted old tolls and high quality ingredients, because I have them.)

Where you were caught driving intoxicated and are risking losing your driving license, a Master level spell would be more appropriate.

And if you have been accused of a serious crime and are out on bail, or where you are entering into a multimillion dollar legal compensation claim, you should seriously consider a Sorcerer’s level spell, even if it takes you a few days to gather the required equipment and do a fair bit of study, preparation and practicing.

While you are going to cast this spell yourself, the actual creation of the spell was wrought by Charodan, 6th generation wizard and Master Spell Caster. All the instructions are clearly laid out and you just follow them step-by-step.

While casting the spell yourself takes up some of your time and effort, as compare to paying someone to cast it for you, there are several great advantages to this:

  • You know, that the spell was actually cast.
  • Your personal involvement will to a great extend outweigh your lack of experience.
  • The way the spell was constructed is such, as to enable even a person with limited experience to cast it successfully.
  • You can cast it as many times as you wish. Each time, with your increased confidence, it will become more powerful.
  • You gain knowledge and experience in Magic, which you can use for other kinds of spells and charms.
  • You will become part of the magical fraternity.

May your spell be potent!

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