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Ancient Spells – Why are they held in such high esteem? Why should they be more powerful then modern spells?

The Universe itself is very old. Time, modernity, fashion, “the latest trends” – those things mean nothing to the Universe.

But it does recognise old, familiar ancient spell patterns more readily, and reacts faster and stronger to them than it would to some new invention.

That’s why ancient spells, which were used by thousands of powerful spell casters over thousands of years, will produce better and faster results. (If they are done exactly right.)

They carry a well known message over well trodden paths. They don’t need to be deciphered. Their meaning and purpose, their message is well known to the Universe and readily understood.

Another aspect of Ancient spells is that in the past, the most powerful and brilliant minds have  turned to Magic, unlike today, when they would rather turn to politics, or computer programming.

In the days, when kings and nobles had to be born to their station, when the poor had no chance to better themselves by hard work or inventiveness, the study of ancient Magic offered them a way forward. All they needed was intelligence, dedication, and a bit of Magic to rise above their presumed station in life.

That’s why throughout history, the best minds always gravitated to magic, and that’s why there are not many really powerful magicians living and practicing Magic at present. The people of exceptional mental ability are running for the Senate, or they are arranging their company’s I.P.O, which will make them millions on the stock exchange

Ancient spells were often simple spells, but fine tuned. They were like today’s advertising slogans. Brilliantly descriptive and to the point. The best of the best human minds have perfected them over hundreds or thousands of years. They draw on the power of equally ancient symbols, words and gestures, the origins of which are today mostly forgotten. These spells were coined in languages long extinct, rituals no longer comprehensible, emotional connections not understood or bothered with.

But when you would come across and cast such an ancient spell with honest belief, emotion and dedication, the Universe would instantly recognise the old and familiar pattern. It instantly understands the purpose and the need. And it answers with a speed and intensity, which is not comparable to anything new and untested.

That is the strength of Ancient spells.

This article is from, Charodan, the sixth generation wizard.

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