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Magic colured candles

Magic colored candles

There are candles, and then there are candles.  You can perform candle magic with any cheap candle, even the cheap ones in the bulk buy containers, that sell by the packet of a dozen or more, – but of course, as with everything else, if you want a great result, you should have the best quality.

So what quality do we look for in a candle, which we intend to use in candle magic?

Hand made candles, and especially bees-wax candles are best for any candle magic. Yet – the most important thing is, that the candle is brand new, that means – it was never lit before. That is an absolute must. You can only use one candle for one purpose.
Some candle magic spells call for lighting and extinguishing (snuffing out) the candle several times, often over several days. But it is within the same candle magic spell. Once it is finished, the candle will never be used again for anything else.

If your intended candle magic spell requires you to write something on the candle itself, or to scratch a magic symbol into the side of it with your boline (a white-handled ritual knife, a magical tool used in spell casting), you need to choose a candle which is at least 3in (8cm) tall, if not more.

As for the color of the candle itself, that is of course extremely important too. A good candle shop or magic supply shop will have a great selection.

I like using pure bees wax candles, which usually come only in their natural yellowish color, so I have to color them myself.  You can do it by coating them with crushed semi precious stone dust or sand of the appropriate color. Slowly warm the candle up for a few hours, so it becomes quite soft. Then coat it with an essential oil of the kind you want to use in your particular candle magic spell, then spread a layer of the pigmented sand on a hard surface and firmly roll the candle across, pressing the dust into the soft wax. Magic!

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