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How do you charm someone with a simple invocation?  Do charm spells really work?

There are two fundamental ways in which the charm spells do their magic:

  • You cast a magic spell, which is trying to influence the other person’s thinking into all of a sudden liking your personality type and appearance.
  • You try to mask your real personality and character, to appear to be different, more pleasant to the target.

Which one is better suited to your need? It all depends on who you are, and how you are perceived by the other people. Also on whom are you trying to charm, and for what purpose.

Some people are naturally charming and well regarded. Some, because they are genuinely good, pleasant, fun and . . . , others, who only appear to be so.

Politicians and used car salesmen are very good customers for magic Charm spells. So are teenagers, trying to get noticed by the person they have a crush on.

Charm spells for teenagers are definitely in the White magic category, while those woven by politicians and salesmen tend to drift a bit into deception and therefore the darker side of things.

Charm spells are easy to perform, and you can buy a variety of them online. Some are even genuine spells, conceived and performed by practicing witches or wizards. Some are not so good, and designed to charm you into thinking that the person out there on the other side of the internet web is actually going to cast the spell for you, as soon as you click the “pay here” button.

Personally, I would rather buy a “Do-it –yourself” type of charm spell, with all the instructions included, and I would cast it myself, and in the direction of the person I want to charm.

It is much safer, much more effective, and definitely much more fun, than wondering if the wizard promising to cast it for you is genuine. Once he / she has your money, will they actually cast the spell?  Will they bother?

I hope they would. But there are many “used spell salespeople” out there. So beware what you are buying, and from whom!

This article on Charm spells is from, Charodan, the sixth generation wizard.

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