Emotion and Magic

by Magic Spells

First of all, welcome to the fraternity of people, who take Magic seriously. Those, who believe. And that is the first step of making your spells effective. Believing, that they will work.

But when you say, that you “want to make sure, that the spell works every time . .  .”, this is when we are getting onto a tricky ground.

Spells and Magic are not really at our command. A spell is more than a prayer, but it can never be guaranteed. Everything depends on circumstances.

When you cast a spell, you are in fact sending a request to the Universal Force,  asking it to intervene on your behalf. To help you.

As with any other message:

  • It needs to be clear and understandable. To the  point.
  • It needs to be loud enough to be audible in all the  clutter of other broadcasts on the same wavelength.
  • It needs to present itself as genuine and not  frivolous.

It may interfere with other people’s wishes or  spells, which are not compatible with yours. Which one will the  Force choose, which ones will  be ignored?

When a witch or a wizard casts a spell, they usually “raise power”, by chanting, singing, even dancing in a rhythm. A coven of experienced witches, chanting and rhythmically swaying together in unison can raise an amazing vortex of power, which – to an outsider – is hard to imagine or believe. That power is then thrust forward into the spell, and the coven members “ground” themselves, usually by placing palms of their hands onto the bare earth.

For a novice to try to “raise power” in this way is not possible. It would take a lot of instructions, training and practice.

So when the spell is being cast by a relative novice, or when the novice is releasing a spell formulated and prepared by a witch (or wizard), it is better to send out a pure, raw emotion.

To project more emotion into the spell requires a bit of practice.

You know what you want the spell to achieve. Close your eyes and WISH for it to come true!  I mean – really, really, wish for it to happen.  Gather the feelings inside you, think about your wish and nothing else, think hard and with all the emotion you can muster. Push that emotion out through your closed eyelids. Out, out, far away, into the Universe.

Try it.

It is hard to describe exactly how to do it, but I usually end up with my brain and head vibrating and getting all in cold shivers. Few seconds of such intense concentration can actually quite exhaust you. With practice, you can start feeling more and more of that enormous power building up and when released, poring out of you. Through your eyelids and into the Universe, like a beacon of light from a lighthouse. Don’t worry about where it is aimed at. Just send it out in a burst. It  will be seen, it  will penetrate through all that clutter of other emotions, other messages. Concentrate on intensity first and foremost, then only on duration.

The iPhone spell  you bought was formulated by a wizard (myself) in such a way, that the message is clear. What the caster (you) needs to provide, is the stream of emotion, which carries it forward. So it figures that the more emotional you can get when the spell is being cast, the better result you can expect. That you have to BELIEVE in the power of magic, is of course given, because if you wouldn’t believe, you could not send out any meaningful emotion.

As for the “guarantee” – there is of course none. But Magic DOES work!

Yours in belief, Charodan.

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