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The Secret

The Secret

Magic Spells will change your life. If you want to change your circumstances quickly the use of magic will improve your life no end. If you have seen the DVD or read the book The Secret, you will have seen examples of ancient magic being discovered and used in a modern way. Focusing the mind, using an object to create power and materializing that object in the real world are all magic techniques used in The Secret.

Words spoken in a certain way contain the power to alter and change whatever situation you choose. Magic Spells used to be the domain powerful people in society. Many secret groups kept the knowledge to themselves as a way of making themselves more powerful.

Modern magic allows anyone who is determined enough to cast a spell to alter their circumstance. You still need the guidance of a practitioner who guides you in the proper ritual and casting of a spell. There are different levels of magic from a simple spell one would use once for immediate help to complicated powerful spells using words, potions, scents and crystals.
Love Spells are used to attract your soul mate. Love spells are best used with no particular person in mind, rather to call the one to you, who you belong with; they will hear your call and come to you. If you think you already know the person you are meant to be with you can use a love spell to make them aware of you in new ways, leading to love and recognition of you as the one for them.

Healing Spells are used to go beyond conventional medicine and to ask for healing on all levels. Physical, mental and emotional. We are not just our physical bodies and a deep Healing Spell will work on many layers and vibrations. Often a crystal will be charged and used to help our bodies vibrate in a certain way to heal itself.

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