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Magic Spells allow you to gain all sorts of things through the power of magic.

When casting a spell remember emotion is the carrier of all the Universe’s messages. It’s the magical broadband. The service provider. The Emotion-on-line.

Can you imagine a druid or a witch finishing their lunch, wiping their chin with a napkin and quickly going to cast a couple of spells before their favorite TV sitcom comes on?  Do you think they would work well? Would that approach inspire  confidence in you?

When you imagine a wizard or shaman casting his spell, they are always in a sort of trance. They have been preparing and meditating for many hours and by now are deep in thought of their own. They are on another plane. They are very emotional, obsessed with what they are doing.

It’s that deep emotion, which carries away prayers, cries for help and Magic Spells.

Without the appropriate amount of concentrated, genuine emotion, even a very powerful spell will not travel far enough to be heard and answered.

So next time you are casting a spell, remember to be very, very serious about it. Feel the pain the spell is going to cure. Feel the love you are trying to attract. Feel the desperate need for the business venture to succeed.

Then, and only then, send away the spell loaded with your energy, on the wings of that emotion.

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