Meditation and Magic

by Magic Spells

A student recently asked me a question….The question is, every time I meditate, there is always a song playing in my mind in the background that prevents me from achieving silence. Do u have a way or technique to make it disappear?

My Answer:

Hearing the same song in your meditation every time would be quite significant. It would mean, that you are getting some sort of message from somewhere, from someone. Because when you start freeing your mind to accept what is “out there”, you are naturally receptive to any message that is “waiting at the door” for you – so to speak.
You need to examine where the song comes from, what does it mean to you. When did you first hear it? Does it bring an association to any person or event in your past? Such a persistent message would have a definite purpose to remind you or alert you to something.

If on the other hand, you hear just any music, there could be a bit of a problem here.

Do you habitually listen to music on your iPod, music in your car, music while you work or study?

Many young people do these days, and they think that it’s cool. They can’t live a minute without music in the background. I don’t want to pass judgements about how it possibly effects quality of their study, or their work, but I know that it is detrimental to their brain’s deep and proper thinking capability.

Don’t take me wrong. I love listening to music. Not just any music, and not all the time. I sit down, play some thing I know I enjoy on a really good system, close my eyes, and listen. Yes, I LISTEN to the music. I like to hear every little nuance. I actually tune into the music. I see patterns of that music in my mind. I absorb it completely. It doesn’t have to be “classical” music. I don’t actually appreciate classical music. But that’s me.

When you have music playing in your background most of the time, you don’t really listen to it. It’s just there, loading itself into your subconsciousness and preventing you from engaging your brain in any deep thinking, or “free thinking” activity.

People who meditate – think of a yogi sitting in the lotus position for several days meditating. Can you imagine him with his iPod playing music into his ear?

To meditate, or to think deeply, like a philosopher or a mathematician, chess player, scientist, artist . .  would think when they concentrate, you have to cut out all the distractions. But if your brain is used to habitually being bombarded by music, or any other outside entertainment, thinking becomes difficult.

There are not many people these days, who can actually “think”. They think that they do, but they don’t. They get bored when they are alone, when it’s quiet, when the TV and the music, and the flashing lights are all switched off. They get bored, because they can’t think by themselves. It’s tragic!

I spoke to a young lady the other day, telling her about my trip to a National Park, where I was camping for four days, and never saw another person, never saw or heard a motor vehicle. Just wind in the trees, running water now and then, birds chirping. My own footsteps on the forest floor.

This young woman was horrified!

She said she could never, NEVER be all alone for even half a day without something happening around her. Without people, music, TV, computer screen . . .mobile phone.

I told her I didn’t even had my iPhone with me, so I couldn’t get or send any calls or messages. I didn’t wanted to.

What on earth was I doing all the time? – She asked.

I was thinking. No, not even meditating. Just letting thoughts wander through my head. For four days.

She just shook her head. She couldn’t do it. It would be a torture, she said.

Well, that’s the sign of our times, and many, many young people are like that. Constantly in need of stimulation by something. Someone. Anything, but quietly and leisurely thinking.

To me, there is no better entertainment then getting “lost in my thoughts”.

Anyone who happens to be one of those unfortunate people who need external entertainment all the time, even if it is as poor as some non-descript background music played on low quality device, will have problems meditating. They will have problems thinking!

I hope, that you are not one of those people.

If you do listen to music a lot, and you want to meditate now and then, you will first have to learn how to be quiet, to just sit and think. To let your mind wonder. Try two or three hours of just sitting in an absolutely quiet place, close your eyes, and don’t do anything. Don’t fall asleep! Just sit there and see what happens.

If you start doing that regularly, and cut out as much of the background stimulation from your everyday life, you will discover a completely amazing world inside your mind. In your subconscious.

Yours in hope of a new and amazing discovery, Charodan

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