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All spells are actually simple.  They all involve the same principle. The caster of the spell is sending a message to the Universe of his /her need or desire.

If all goes well, the Universe will answer by providing an outcome, which is much more potent, because it multiplies the energy invested by the spell caster.

Lots of energy cast out, means great power of the outcome.

A simple spell, or a complicated spell  – that should not make much difference. It all depends on how much energy you are able to send out. The advantage of a complicated and prolonged spell, is that it allows the spell caster to project her / his energy for a much longer time span, therefore increasing the quantity of it.

So it is not the complexity of the spell, which makes so much difference.

It is the Experience and psychic power of the spell caster  X (times)  the emotional energy and dedication demonstrated during the casting of the spell,  X  the total time the spell caser is really concentrating and outpouring her / his powers into the Universe.


A more experienced spell caster is able to harness a lot of his energy and to also concentrate for a longer period of time.

The spell caster who is personally involved and dependent on the outcome, the one who is in great need and casting the spell for himself / herself, will of course be able to input a lot of emotion. That’s why casting your own spell is so effective, even if you are not so good at it ,as an experienced wizard would be.

The quality of materials and equipment used in the casting of the spell also comes into the picture here, because they demonstrate how serious and dedicated the spell caster is about it all. They also harness, reflect and multiply the emotional energy sent out.

A very simple spell, which takes only a few moments to cast (such as you often see in movies) doesn’t give much time for the message to gather strength. That’s why only an extremely powerful and experienced wizard / witch / druid can achieve a really spectacular outcome in almost an instant.

Such a simple spell, which would consist only of a few words and a swish of a magic wand, would need to pack an enormous blast of concentrated mental energy from the witch or druid behind it, to take effect.

A novice, especially one who doesn’t have much experience in concentrating his energy, will need much more time to project enough emotion outwards. A simple spell might be OK, but it will need to be done and repeated many times, with ever increasing intensity. As we all know, repetition doesn’t lend itself easily to maintaining highly emotional state. That’s why simple spells cast by an acolyte will need many repetitions, but not all on the same day. (It’s called “practice”.)

The complexity of the spell helps the caster to keep focused on what they are doing. It stops the mind from wandering away from the task

This article written by Charodan,  sixth generation wizard.

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