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Magic is Magic. White or Dark, it all operates on the same principle. The spell caster connects with the Universal Force, and  requests help in one way or another. And as every other thing in the Universe, this force has the white side, and the dark side.

You can’t have light without darkness. You can’t have heat without cold. You can’t have top, without a bottom. You can’t have white magic, without the dark one.

So of course, some magic spells are considered to be good (protection, love, healing,  . . . ) and these are classified as white magic spells, while others are concerned with curses, harm, causing sickness or loss of something, . . . . These are of course in the dark magic, or Dark Arts category.

During the European Dark Ages, it was recognised, that all magic comes from either God, or Evil.  Since the only way to communicate with God was supposed to be through the church and her appointed priests, all magic practitioners, whether witches, druids, herbalists, alchemists, etc were thrown into the same bag with the evil force.

Or, more likely, into the same fire, to be burned and consumed.

Anything that didn’t come  to you through the church, had to be bad. Good luck spells? You were supposed to be pious and don’t ask for anything more than what you already had (unless you were a king, bishop, or a wealthy knight). All others had to be content with their allocated station in life.

What was lost to humanity in those witch hunts, is beyond comprehension. Ancient magic spells concerning love and protection, recipes for healing potions and even basic medical skills of repairing dislocated joints and broken bones went up in smoke with thousands upon thousands of witches, who were burned at stake, in the name of  . . . .? ?   Better not to think about it, because it surely was not done at the request of the white power.

You now know, why they were called Dark Ages. Dark power actually reigned, as gruesome executions were on everyday’s entertainment menu. The more the self appointed guardians of the true faith tried to fight the dark force, the darker they themselves were becoming.

What happened to the “Thou shalt not kill” in those days?

All manner of magic and magic spells had to hide for many hundreds of years. The Dark Lord and his henchmen were everywhere, looking for any old woman, who would try to ease your pain – physical or emotional – with a simple magic spell, some herbs, and a bit of balm made from natural substances.

Such was the grip of the dark force on society in those days that lot of it survives in our subconsciousness even today. So that’s why, when we speak about a witch these days, we have to quickly say that she is a White witch. That she practices White magic. To make sure that she will not be condemned.

That’s why people ask for “white magic spells”, to make sure they are not misunderstood and burned at stake.

Sad – isn’t it?

But that’s how it goes in the world of Magic. White, or Dark.

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