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There are not too many witchcraft books that are worth the paper they are printed on. Some are written purely for profit by people who never even met a real witch.  So check out the author, and their background, before you purchase a witchcraft book with the intention of casting  magic spells from it.

The witches of old were regularly burned at the stake, so they didn’t advertise themselves as such, never mind  publishing witchcraft books, notes and recipes. As a result, lot of their knowledge was lost with them.

Modern witches are generally still rather misunderstood, because the general public still considers them to be dabbling in black and nasty magic, despite the fact that witchcraft from ancient times was mostly concerned  with healing.

Even love spells, relationship spells, protection spells and luck related spells, which the witches of old used to employ, were of course, types of healing spells. Healing of the soul is just as important as the healing of the body. Only lately are we slowly coming back to that realization.

Good modern witchcraft books are few and far between.  You find more of those, which poke fun at witchcraft as such, then the really serious ones, written by someone with experience and love for the subject.

Other witchcraft books try to revive the dark and evil side of witchcraft, with magic spells designed to harm, curse,  or limit someone’s ability.  Written by completely misguided people, with no understanding of witchcraft and its true purpose, such witchcraft books should be avoided. Luckily, being formulated by outsiders of the craft, their magic spells don’t work, because they are bogus.

A true witch would never consider writing such a book, because the only thing it can  harm is witchcraft perception and acceptance in today’s society.  And that ground is still very, very shaky.

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