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beeswax candle

Beeswax Candles

For any serious magic work, you will probably need to light a candle. It’s not really the candle itself you need – it’s the flame burning from it you want – it represents the element Fire.

Another element on your Altar is the smoke of the incense (Air). The other two (Earth and Water) you use to create a Magic Circle.

So Candle Magic is actually  Fire Magic. It’s the essence of fire, which you are using to create those powerful candle magic spells.

It makes sense, that you need to have a good, steady flame, for your candle magic to be effective.

  • Store your candles in a cupboard or a box – never in direct sunlight. They would discolor, warp and generally deteriorate.
  • Before you light a candle, remove any paper wrapping that it might have.
  • Make sure that the wick is no longer than 1/2 in (6 mm), otherwise it will not burn properly.
  • Always light the candle with proper, wooden matches.
  • Always extinguish the lit mach by flicking it sideways, never by blowing on it.
  • Have your Altar arranged so that there is no draft over it. It would cause the candle to burn unevenly.
  • If the flame starts to flicker, you might need to trim the wick.
  • If you need to kill the flame, snuff it by placing a special cone tool – if you have one, or use something like a flat blade over the flame. Never blow off the flame – it would scatter your breath into the flame and disperse with it into the Four Corners.
  • Pinch the wick in your fingers afterward (you can lick them first) to make sure it is completely extinguished and say loud the purpose for which you are doing it.
  • Your candle magic is ready to flame.
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