Magic Equipment

by Magic Spells

If you are serious about casting magic spells and magic in general, you will soon find that acquiring some simple magic equipment is a must.

You can of course go to your nearest magic supply shop and come home with an armful of packets and boxes containing brand new magic wands, owl feathers, incense burners, silver goblets etc.

Now I am not against everything new, but in magic, an item with some history will have a personality of its own, and will bring it’s own special vibe into your ritual.

That’s why you can get beautiful silver goblets, candle holders, incense burners, glass balls and ceramic bowls in brick-brack shops, charity stalls and flea markets. Make sure you clean them well after you bring them home, handle them lovingly for some time, and consecrate them with the four elements as well as your own personality before you use them.

Yes, you could end up with some magic equipment, which has a bad, or sad history and bad vibes in them. It is very rare, and you would soon get the feeling, that you are not comfortable with an item. If that happens, discard it and don’t use it. But generally, with such non-essential and peripheral magical equipment such as bowls, goblets, candle holders, it’s usually much better to acquire old, rather than brand new. The older, the better.

There are of course exceptions. Never buy a used magic wand, or an athame.  If you get one from a friend, or inherit one from someone you know well, that would be fine. But Magic wands and athames have a lot of power of the original owner stored in them. That magic power might not be compatible with yours. So get new ones, consecrate and initiate them yourself.

And cast away.

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