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What do I mean by magic products? I am talking about  pre-made incenses and candles, all the wands and crystals and potions and supplies that you need to cast a magic spell.  How powerful and helpful are all those magic products? It, of course, depends on who made them, and with what intentions. You can imagine that if you came across an ancient little chest of magic products, once made by Merlin himself for his own personal use, they would be good. Very good.  You would think.

Similar looking magic products made on a massive robotic conveyor line somewhere in a non-descript factory and untouched by human hands, never mind any practicing magician’s hand – would be less effective.

You bet! You could guess that such magic products were made with one sole purpose – of making money for the manufacturer. But that is not necessarily such a bad thing. Because – what if the genuine magic product maker was an evil magician, who infused the product with their own evil will?

Aha!  I am sure you would want to stay away from those!

In the end, of course it’s you, the witch or the magician, who puts their own personal power and conviction into a successful spell.  And you don’t necessarily need magic products with lot of past history embedded into them.  I would much rather have a good magic product made by a good person, or even a commercial product of good quality, then something with a lot of unknown history. It is then a clean slate into which you can infuse your own energy.

I have bought plenty from Amazon over the years and always found them to be reliable, and now with vendors selling through them, there is amazing choice.

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