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Every wizard, witch or druid has his or her trusted magic spell book. Together with an athame, magic wand and a cauldron. Only the pointed witches hat seems to be more symbolic of someone who works with magic, than the good old enormously heavy magic book or Grimoire.

A Magic spell book doesn’t need to be ancient and dusty. You can (and should) make your own, if you are serious about trying to bring some magic into your everyday life.

Hand written on pergamon , leather bound and gold embossed type, looks of course, very impressive, but the best modern version is a good office type ring file, with see through plastic pockets. You can decorate the cover by pasting (gluing) paper or cloth over it. Some wallpapers look magic, and you can often get a free sample from a supplier.

A Scrap booking specialty shop is another place where you can find beautiful and ancient looking paper sheets, as well as a variety of stars, moons, and other decorative stickers and embellishments.

Since we usually print the spells these days on an office printer, you can again decorate the individual spell sheets with stamps and stickers, before inserting them into the pockets of your very own Magic Spell Book.

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