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These days you can get absolutely anything on E-bay, and if not, then definitely from a number of numerous on-line witchcraft supply merchants.

Magic Eye

Magic Eye

Of course, nothing beats a visit to an old and  trusted magic supply shop, where you can not only get the magic supplies you need, but you can see a lot of things you never even heard of before.

After a few visits you establish trust and understanding with the resident witch or wizard, and she or he can give you lot of good advice.

Then again – online you may find much better selection of  magic supplies and tools, and often at much better prices.  Of course, you don’t see the merchant herself/himself, and they could not be a genuine and trustworthy person. It could be just about any fake item they are selling  you. So choose your on-line magic supplier carefully, and start slowly. Buy a few simple things from them and see what you get.

A very cheap price is often an indication of supplies that are not genuine. And a big Magic Supply Supermarket will have mass produced merchandise, not hand made or rare.

A merchant who specializes in only a few magic lines – let’s say incense, or crystals, will more likely have genuine articles. Try contacting them to ask for advice.  If they are willing to talk to you, that’s a good sign of being a real dedicated supplier of magic goods, and not some con artist, selling fakes.

I have bought plenty from Amazon over the years and always found them to be reliable, and now with vendors selling through them, there is amazing choice and some genuine articles available.

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