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Magic Wand

Magic Wand

It’s rude to point a finger at anybody – we all know that. How about pointing a crystal magic wand at a person, while muttering something under your breath? That would freak them out!

It would also indicate to you, that they do believe in magic, never mind how they might deny it. When you point with your finger, that finger sends out a beam of concentrated energy, like a torch sends out a beam of searching light. Put a good magic wand into that same hand, and the energy beam gets concentrated and amplified by the wand, it acts like a laser. Cutting through space. Precise, and extremely powerful. That’s why every wizard or witch should have a magic wand, one which they know well, and which holds and stores lots of vested magic energy of its own.

It doesn’t need to be a crystal magic wand. Some of the best working wands are made of plain hard or exotic wood, with perhaps a silver tip, or even a bronze or silver core. Such a magic wand may look deceptively simple, but it can multiply the magic power of the wizard or witch many, many times over.

If you want a magic wand for serious magic spell casting, you should get one which is not too ornate and difficult to wave around. Remember, that the most powerful secrets are usually hidden in the plainest and least conspicuous of places.

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