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Many spells use incense to increase the power of the spell, incense is the air element of a spell. You can make your own magical incense using herbs, flowers, woods and resins. The perfumed smoke given off sweetens and freshens the air and enhances your mood and power. Granular incense which has a base of resins and gums is the type most preferred for magic. It is different from the usual cones or sticks that you can buy just about anywhere.

Spells Incense Burner

Spells Incense Burner

If you are casting a spell you can easily burn your own mixture that is made for that particular spell. All you need is an incense burner and charcoal discs to place the incense on. Choose your burner carefully as it will become an important magical tool. You light the charcoal and place it in your receptacle and sprinkle your incense onto the burning coal. You can control how much or little smoke is created in this way. This type of incense has been used for thousands of years and was used in Egypt to honor the Gods and is still used in churches today.

When a recipe calls for a part it means that whatever measure you use, you should use that for all ingredients. If you a making a lot you may use a cup, if a little you may use a teaspoon. Use dried ingredients when the recipe calls for herbs. To make the actual incense you will need a pestle and mortar in which to grind the ingredients. They need to ground as fine as possible and while you do so think of your intent as this will introduce your own personal vibration. As you add each ingredient say,

” May this herb (resin/oil) enhance the power
Of this offering for the spirit of Air”.

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