Witchcraft Shops

by Magic Spells

I am responding here to a query from a reader “Where and how do I find witchcraft shops?”

The answer is – there are not many, and yet again, they are everywhere.

It all depends, on what you want to buy in a witchcraft shop.  Magic spells in scrolls? Cauldrons, magic wands, cloaks, pointed hats,  silver bells, . . .  No problem. Dragon blood ink or Dove blood ink, owl feathers?  No problem.  Bat wings, newt eyes, green slime . . I wouldn’t want to know, and if I did, I wouldn’t want to tell you. Such stuff is more in the realm of dark arts, and not witchcraft.

Witchcraft is, and always has been used predominantly for “white magic”. For healing, protection, success and love spells.  For helping people with their everyday problems, not turning them into frogs.

And all the materials you need for that type of magic spells, you can obtain in many shops of different names, of which there are several in every major city . It’s just that they don’t call themselves Witchcraft shops. They are hippie and meditation, holistic and herbalist shops, which of course sell crystals and crystal balls, tarot cards, incense, yes – even whole spell kits in a packet or a little box.  I don’t know of any “chain” , like an equivalent to KFC would be. It could be called UWCS – for  United Witchcraft Shops. But there aren’t any that I know of.

Mostly they are located somewhere in a side-lane, where the rent is not too prohibitive. You have to know where to look, or ask around. Look in the yellow pages of your city and be imaginative with names.

Another good alternative is of course the Internet. Google Magic shops, Magic supplies, or even Witchcraft shops, and be surprised. I have purchased from Amazon and found them very reliable, and now that vendors can sell through them the choice is amazing. Some of my picks are featured below.

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