Easy Money Spells

by Magic Spells

Is there such as thing as easy money spell ?  It  depends on many things.
You might think that with a magic spell on your side, everything should be easy. Then again – conjuring successful easy money spells is a matter of choice.

Easy Money

Easy Money

Creating money in it’s physical form such as banknotes from thin air would require extremely high level wizardry, of which there are probably only a few people in the world capable of doing it.

Even the ancient alchemists didn’t attempt to create gold from nothing. Their preferred way was to convert one element (lead) into another (gold).

One might be tempted to think that manipulating bits of data in cyberspace to increase your bank balance should be relatively easy, if you employ magic. The problem is, that the old occult magicians didn’t know about cyberspace, and so they didn’t device anything for us to follow, or to deal with it. Modern wizards of that realm are called hackers, and while their “spells” can surely bring them a lot of easy money, the methods they employ are highly illegal. There’s more robbery involved, then magic.

So a good and successful easy money spell needs to concentrate on attracting luck to you, rather then risking a jail sentence. The luck will then bring you money in an easy way. And luck has never been declared illegal.

There are three basic types of easy money spells, which don’t involve cheating or theft:

•    Attracting luck in gambling, lottery or risky investments,
•    Attracting luck in discoveries, finding or coming across precious objects, and
•    Luck in business or trading endeavours.

In this way, the easy money spells are all related to luck spells. Where you choose to direct your luck, is up to you to decide.

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