Love and Money Spells

by Magic Spells

What is money without love? Not much fun if you have loads of money and no-one to share and enjoy it with. Love and Money spells go hand in hand, first comes the money and then the love, or is it the other way around? No matter once you have found your love you can go about attracting money into your life.

Chest of money

Money Spell

Now Money Spells and Love Spells should not be done at the same time, there will be too much going on for either to work properly. Green is the color for attracting money and pink is the color for attracting love so a spell using two colors may not work. It’s also important to cast a specific Magic Spell during the right Moon phase. A Love Spell is best cast during the Full Moon. Spell casting to increase  prosperity and attract wealth should ideally be done when the Moon is waxing, which is when it’s going from from New Moon to Full Moon.

Rather focus on any  magical working whole heartedly, use the correct  ingredients, potions and wording or you will only achieve half hearted results. For your spell to have the best chance of manifesting, focus on one thing at a time. Get the most important things done first and then work on attracting the rest to you. As with any Magic Spells your intent needs to be clear, don’t dilute your Love Spell or Money Spell by mixing them together. Get the $1.000 first and then you will enough to take your loved one out on some very special dates. Or get that some-one special into your life and work on the money part together.

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