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When you use a Money Spell you may get the wealth coming to you in an unexpected way. Make sure you are very specific when you cast a money spell or you may have money coming to you from somewhere you don’t want it to come from. The Universe likes to play tricks and if you don’t state exactly how and where your newfound wealth originates from you may end up surprised.

This happened to me when I asked for money and did a spell that involved a green candle, green being the color of money. The money I conveniently found myself earning through some unexpected work disappeared from another place I had been keeping some in reserve for an emergency. The Universe obviously thought the emergency had arrived and created a situation where I was forced to use it! So what I gained I also lost through another situation arising.

Turns out I could have done without the money I conjured up and just used the money I had squirreled away. The Universe likes abundance and there is plenty to go around but it can also be pretty thrifty and uses up what it sees as being wasted. So when attracting more abundance to yourself through a money spell, be very specific as to what it’s for and what it will be used for, make sure that the Universe does not take the opportunity to just rearrange what you already have.

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