Spells for Money

by Magic Spells

Yes, you can get them. And they do work, even if not necessarily the way you might expect. That’s how it goes with all magic spells.

We all know, that you get money (legally) in one of three ways:

  1. You inherit it
  2. You work hard for it
  3. You get lucky. Very lucky.

When you are looking at any spells for money, you are of course looking at the third category. You are trying to attract some luck, through the use of a magic spell..  And again, there are several different categories of those spells. You, or the wizard you are employing to cast the spell for money can try to attract:

  • Gambling luck
  • A lottery win luck
  • Unexpected “finders” luck
  • Business luck
  • Investment luck
  • Many other types of  Spells for Money

So when you are looking for a spell for money, you need to know what sort of luck you think would work the best for you. If you are a gambler, you will probably be after a gambling luck spell, but if your business venture is not going well, you will need luck which will improve your cash flow and generate more income for yourself.

Since all luck is basically of a magical nature, casting spells for money is usually very simple and very effective.

Get someone to cast the spell for you, or buy and cast the spell yourself. The second option is always preferable because it will leave the magical force in no doubt as to who seeks the money, and what their situation is.  No use to attract luck in a lottery, if you never buy any lottery tickets. If you have someone else cast the spell for you, especially when you are not present during the ritual, you never know what is going to happen. Do they really know your situation?

And one more, very important thing. You should always pay for any magic spell, one way or another. Putting some money down,  shows that you are serious. When it comes to spells for money and attracting that sort of magical luck, it is doubly important that you part with some money first. A good spell, properly cast, should multiply your investment at least 144 times.

So do your calculations and good luck with your spells for money.

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