Protection Spells

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Animal Totem

Animal Totem

If you feel like the world is bombarding you all day you need a Protection Spell. Not only can a protection spell protect you from unseen forces it can also help insulate you from the influence of the world and people around you, who may not have your best interests at heart. Protection spells use water, earth, air and fire

You also need to protect yourself from outside forces when you work with magic, as you open up yourself up to what is around you when you open yourself to magic. Always make sure you invoke protection and visualize a golden ring of protection around yourself when you do any magic. Calling on your animal totem will also give you protection. If you don’t know your animal totem you can always call on the bear. Still your mind and allow yourself to visualize him. When his image is clear ask for his help and protection. When you have his co-operation allow his spirit to enfold you and visualize how you are protected by him.

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