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Simple Spells

July 18, 2010

Image via Wikipedia All spells are actually simple.  They all involve the same principle. The caster of the spell is sending a message to the Universe of his /her need or desire. If all goes well, the Universe will answer by providing an outcome, which is much more potent, because it multiplies the energy invested […]

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Luck Spell iPhone App

November 25, 2009

Could you use a bit of LUCK sometimes? Do you want Lady luck to smile on you? You know that hard work only gets you so far. In the end, you always need some Luck to get what you are after. Without it – well – someone else gets it! Someone, who is lucky! You […]

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Which Magic Spell to choose?

September 29, 2009

Acolyte, Master or Sorcerer – which Magic Spell do you use when you need to cast a spell? It all depends on the result you want and how experienced you are at casting Magic Spells. Acolyte, Master or Sorcerer are the three main levels, then there are also in between ones, like Advanced Acolyte and […]

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